lmperador (with an L, used to be known as Spacekiller) is the Paramount leader of Griffin Squad. He has lead Griffin Squad almost continuously for it's entire history.


Griffin Squad: lmperador was known as Spacekiller when he first joined. He joined a group called "Dragon Squad." It was led by AerialDuty and he was 2nd incommand, with his friend Reeno123 in 3rd command. Unfortunely, Dragon Squad became inactive because AerialDuty was banned and there were no group events being held. This is when the squad fell. Reeno123 got Builders Club and created the group Griffin Squad.

Plans: lmperador made an Empire called the "Soviet Empire" hoping to get more clans to join the Empire. Unfortunely, it fell inactive and broke up. lmperador now made the union "Liberation Union" and it is still recruiting clans right now.

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