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The Technology Division

The Technology Division is responsible for making wide varieties of Weapons and Vehicles for the group, Griffin Squad.

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The Members of the Tech Division is divided in special Ranks. These Ranks depends on the Skills you have oneither on Building or Scripting. Lower Ranks are known to be Tinkers. In other words, they don't usually build nor script but they also give out some nice ideas for the expansion of the Griffin Squad Tech. The Higher Ranks, are the Builders, Scripters, Building Advisor and Technology Advisor.

Meet the Advisors

The First and Head of the Griffin Squad Technology Division is, General blocker8000. Blocker8000 is the Building Advisdor and is mostly focused on Building Weapons, Vehicles, and usually hangs out in the Forums - Building Helpers. He does rarely go to places unless if he has nothing to do during his spare time. He also entertains building related question.

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The Second Head of the Division is General MrChickens. She is the Technology Advisor and also focused on Building but with the skills on Scripting. She is also responsible for making Weapons. She is a dedicated General of Griffin Squad and does the job well. She goes to places and most likely she will be seen in special occassions such as meetings, raids, and trainings.

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The Builders and Scripters

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